Netflix certifies Tektronix Cerify

Tektronix recently announced that its Cerify File-Based QC solution has been certified by Netflix, making it easier for content suppliers to deliver fully compliant video for streaming.

Video Service Providers (VSPs) are struggling to perform quality control on the incoming content with the wide variability of file formats, codec types, potential syntax errors and organizational variability of quality metrics. This complexity in the digital supply chain increases the amount of time it takes to standardize the content to the VSPs’ ingest quality standards before being ready for the content prep workflow. In the absence of industry-wide content delivery specifications, individual VSPs are beginning to define their own content delivery specification for content suppliers.

Having Cerify certified by Netflix will help ensure that content suppliers are in compliance to the required content delivery specification. Content suppliers will benefit from the reduced time and expense of rejected content and ensure that Netflix can ingest content of a consistent quality.

The Tektronix Cerify plays a significant role in the digital supply chains of Netflix’s content and services partners. Now that Netflix has collaborated with Tektronix to influence the developments in Cerify, it ensures that its users will have greater confidence when delivering content to Netflix.

To support Netflix, Tektronix has added new content types, test methods and profiles to its automated content verification system. Cerify is a fully automated system for verifying/checking file-based content prior to transmission or use. Solutions range from windows-based PC stand-alone workstations to enterprise-wide solutions that interface to third-party automation or asset management systems.

Cerify ensures content readiness in workflows that handle content for different types of playout. It is the only enterprise-ready, scalable QC solution suitable for various stages of workflow like ingest, transcode and archiving. Tektronix expects the new Netflix influenced changes to Cerify will help current and future content supplier customers address the needs of delivering consistent high quality assets to Netflix.