NDT 200 delivers drop-in replacement for tape-based recorders

Fast Forward Video has unveiled the NDT 200, a digital video recorder designed for high-quality recording in remote locations.

Intended to meet the needs of freelance producers, outside broadcasters and video assist operators, the NDT 200 can serve as a drop-in replacement for tape-based recording devices, such as the Sony GVD200. With the NDT 200, video recordings are instantly accessible and downloadable, with discrete access to every single frame.

The NDT 200 combines an intuitive touch pad and soft-button user interface with large push-button controls that make operations instinctive even for new users. All functions can be controlled from the unit or an external PC or VTR controller.

The unit records using Motion JPEG, which can be scaled from 4:1 to 30:1, and has analog composite and S-Video inputs and outputs. The NDT 200 offers dual-channel audio support, time and date stamp and character display.

For more information, visit www.ffv.com.