NAB-HD model station to offer glimpse of HD ENG future

As stations near the completion of the DTV transition and must grapple with HD, the question of what to do about HD electronic newsgathering is a growing concern.

One source of information and an example in action will be a model HDTV studio that will operate during next month’s NAB convention. NAB2005 won’t be the first time HD live shots have surfaced at the industry gathering. At last year’s convention, a helicopter above Las Vegas transmitted live HD pictures with the assistance of Helinet and Microwave Radio Communications (MRC).

This year, the trade show will take the concept one step further by incorporating an HD news studio as part of its first-ever NAB-HD model station. NAB-HD will feature live news programs and a talk show about the convention that will be transmitted throughout the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC) and to participating hotels.

Produced in cooperation with the RTNDA, the NAB-HD TV project will demonstrate a fully functional example of what can be achieved at a local broadcast station. The station will offer convention visitors a comprehensive view of all the technical, operational and management elements required to broadcast DTV signals of all formats.

The broadcast will be transmitted in the 720p format as well as be downconverted to NTSC. The station output will include closed captioning and dynamic PSIP data. The signal will be delivered as an ATSC signal throughout the LVCC and via fiber to the Mobile Media area of the LVCC where it will be uplinked via satellite. KVVU-HD Las Vegas will retransmit the signal on its HD channel.

Watchit Convention Networks (WCN) will transmit the signal via its Watchit Private Video Network to more than 30,000 hotel rooms in Las Vegas.

Topics for the talk show will include:

  • Reporters workshop: Improve Your Performance Skills Now;
  • News Gathering in High Definition;
  • HDV: It's Impact on HD News and Program Production;
  • Creating the Right Image for News;
  • Creating an Open System for Data Exchange;
  • Improving Workflow and Managing Assets;
  • MXF: Achieving Interoperability in an IT-based Broadcast Facility;
  • Producing Surround Sound for Live Events; and Delivering the Right Audio.

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