NAB, MSTV comments to FCC advocate steps to improve EAS

In comments filed with the FCC late last month, the NAB and MSTV generally agreed with efforts to improve the nation’s Emergency Alert System, but cautioned that FCC mandated requirements for local and state EAS warnings won’t fix the system’s problems.

The comments, filed Oct. 29 by the National Association of Broadcasters and the Association for Maximum Service Television, were in response to a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on the modernization of the nation’s emergency alert system.

In their comments, the associations said revitalization efforts rightly extended to DTV and digital radio, but critical issues, like local emergency managers knowing whom to contact to activate the EAS system, are unresolved in many areas.

According to the NAB and MSTV, several steps should be taken to revitalize the EAS system, including:

  • Encouraging private industry collaboration and planning
  • Revitalizing and making the best use of the EAS
  • Adequate state and local funding in all jurisdictions
  • Incorporating EAS into a modern digital communications system
  • Adopting of a Common Alerting Protocol (CAP)
  • Integrating an advanced warning system into radios and TVs
  • Supporting DTV and DAB station’s participation in EAS programming
  • Mandating selective override of broadcast stations for digital and analog cable system.

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