MyCorner launches UGC site for mobile viewers

A new mobile video service from NEXAGE is targeting the growing market for user-generated video — and the content providers and wireless operators looking to capitalize on the phenomenon. With the service, called MyCorner, users can upload and share videos they have created from their mobile phones as well as those from professional media companies.

To access the service, which works on most multimedia phones running on 3G networks, users enter on their mobile browser, where they are directed to a sign-up page to create a login and PIN enabling them to upload and share videos. Although the service is currently ad-supported and free to viewers, NEXAGE CEO Devkumar Gandhi noted that in the future, some content may be offered on a premium, subscription-only or pay-per-view-/pay-per-click basis.

The service is based on NEXAGE’s PhoneCast software platform, which allows wireless operators and content providers to manage the transcoding and ingest of video and audio content and stream or download it to wireless devices. Because the software works with most third-party streaming servers and encoders, customers generally don’t need to purchase any major pieces of equipment to install it in their facilities. They upload the video they want to stream or deliver for download through PhoneCast’s Web-based user interface and NEXAGE pushes it out to viewers.

User-generated video on the Internet has already seen some commercial success. Last year, Google bought user-generated video sharing Web site YouTube for $1.65 billion in stock. Meanwhile, similar sites such as, Revver and VMIX have either attracted the sponsorship of well-known advertisers or partnered with major media companies such as Fox Home Entertainment, CNN and Turner Broadcasting for content and technology deals.

If user-generated video proves as successful on the mobile screen as its online component, content providers and wireless operators stand to realize a major new source of revenue, likely through advertising sponsorship or subscription-based services. With MyCorner, customers can choose to offer the service to viewers as an ad-supported service, a monthly subscription service or on a pay-per-view/pay-per-click basis.

In addition to MyCorner, which offers its content exclusively on mobile devices, some other online video sites are offering user-generated and professional video content on mobile devices. Revver offers some of its video content on Verizon’s V CAST mobile video service. YouTube also shows videos on V CAST.

NEXAGE is not alone in its foray into user-generated content on mobile platforms. Late last month, Yamgo, a UK-based mobile TV company specializing in extreme sports, announced a partnership with Slovakian software company Tom Horn for the creation of a similar mobile video sharing service.

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