Miranda brands Iraqi Channel Alsumaria TV

Alsumaria TV uses Miranda's Imagestore 300 master control with Presmaster 2 control panel in its facility.

Iraqi satellite channel Alsumaria TV has taken delivery of an Imagestore 300 SD master control and channel branding processor, and a Presmaster 2 master control panel for its Lebanon-based playout operation. The new master control system will be used for enhanced channel branding and more efficient station playout, with control via Harris automation and content running from a Seachange server.

The satellite television channel's Imagestore 300 is fitted with the Easytext automated character generator for presenting news crawls, SMS viewer messages, and financial graphics such as stock market and exchange rate data. Alsumaria TV will also use the unit's clock-insertion capability for customized timer inserts, as well as the integral A/B video mixer and 16-channel audio mixer.

The Presmaster 2 control panel, with integral color touch screen, will act as a manual backup for the automation system and will provide full control of video and audio mixing, DVEs, and channel branding graphics.

For more information, visit www.miranda.com

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