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Microwave Satellite Technologies completes initial phase of NYC IPTV deployment

Microwave Satellite Technologies (MST) has completed the first phase of the deployment of its IPTV service in the New York City area through the installation of Earth Stations (an MST Antenna Farm), which has the ability to access more than 15 different communications satellites, offering the capability of providing more than 500 TV channels of HD programming in the market.

The NuVisions IPTV service will deliver a host of bundled services such as television, Internet and telephone service over the company’s gigabit network that connects the properties it serves in a redundant gigabit ring within New York City. NuVisions also plans to add more channels and features, such as video-on-demand, movies, games and interactive content, to the service when fully deployed. With NuVisions' IPTV service, subscribers can use the television via remote controls and wireless keyboards to watch TV programs, surf the Internet, communicate with building services and shop with neighborhood vendors or national retailers.

MST’s NuVisions broadband services offer cable television, cable modem high-speed Internet and telephone services to multifamily residences, commercial buildings and institutional owners. MSTI delivers its services using microwave and fiber-optic technology, and now offers more than 40 HD channels. MSTI has recently begun deployment of its new interactive WiFi hot-zone system that will offer wireless Internet service in large geographic areas of New York City, and is introducing the power line carrier (PLC) technology to high-speed Internet users in apartment buildings, hotels and businesses.

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