Low-cost 3-in-1 TV tuner chip debuts

The new MicroTuner MT2131 integrates an ASTC, NTSC and DCR tuner into one chip.

Microtune unveiled a three-in-one TV tuner Feb. 27 intended to drive digital TV reception into the cost-sensitive consumer TV mass market.

Integrating three tuners — analog, digital and cable — in a chip smaller than a thumbtack, Microtune's new MicroTuner MT2131 tuner delivers performance that exceeds all three existing U.S. TV requirements: ATSC, NTSC and Digital Cable Ready (DCR), according to the company.

Eliminating more than 100 components from the silicon tuner bill of materials, BOM, the MT2131 cuts external BOM cost by 60 percent. By breaking through the sub-$3 cost barrier, it enables manufacturers to deploy a tuner across all TV models, sizes and price points.

Microtune has published its internal benchmark tests of the MT2131 and a comparison of the MT2131 to the measurement test results of the FCC's study.

For more information, visit www.microtune.com.

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