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LED studio lighting advantages

Professional video and audio systems integration firm Advanced Broadcast Solutions (ABS) recently announced it managed a complete studio lighting system overhaul for Portland Community Media (PCM), the government and public access provider for Portland, OR. The lighting project was part of PCM’s two-year migration to HD production and an overall upgrade of its facilities, which are used by community members to produce local programming for six channels.

Some of PCM’s instruments were almost 50 years old and needed to be replaced. PCM chose to replace its entire system with LED lighting to help save on energy costs for powering the lights and the HVAC system — not a small operating expense for a 2000sq-ft main studio and 360sq-ft secondary studio. The facility was trying to reduce energy costs and consumption, and this project was one step toward that goal.

ABS also coordinated efforts with the Energy Trust of Oregon to make sure PCM’s new lighting system qualified for and earned energy rebates and incentives.

The project was not simply a purchase of new lights. All the old lighting instruments were removed, the lighting grid was rewired, and the new lights were hung. Plus, the old dimmer system had to be decommissioned to comply with Energy Trust of Oregon requirements, and PCM scheduled two days for lighting design and training for its community producers. ABS was able to complete the project and training in a week and a half in early March.

Across both lighting grids, all scoops were replaced by Elation TVL2000 LED panels, while incandescent Fresnels were replaced by De Sisti LED Fresnels. PCM also hung a few Source 4 LED ellipsoidal lights, and positioned Selecon LED cyc lights with adjustable color control in both studios. Community producers were blown away with the new lights.