L-Acoustics showcases new self-powered speakers at NSCA

At NSCA, L-Acoustics displayed two new self-powered two-way coaxial loudspeakers, the 108P and 112P. Both are designed to leverage the company’s coaxial point source technology with the convenience of self-powered performance and onboard digital signal processing.

The coaxial design of the 108P and 112P provides wavefront coherency over the entire dispersion pattern and exhibits characteristics that are free of the polar lobing effects. The end result is natural, studio-quality sound. The combination of self-power with digital processing provides four application-engineered presets, offering optimum versatility in any portable application.

The 108P is a bi-amplified loudspeaker containing a 1in exit HF compression driver coaxially loaded into an 8in LF transducer resulting in a 100-degree axisymmetric directivity. A precise and flat frequency response combined with exceptionally high power/size ratio allow the 108P to be used as a high performance nearfield monitor for live FOH mix engineering. Magnetic insulation also makes the system suitable for stereo or 5.1 monitoring in recording studio or post-production settings.

The 112P is a 1000W mono-bridged amplified loudspeaker containing a 1.4in exit compression driver with pattern control loading provided by a 12in transducer with 90-degree axisymmetric directivity. The unit’s wedge-shaped format and axisymmetrical directivity makes it perfect for floor monitor applications. When used with L-Acoustics subwoofers, the 112P also produces excellent results in side-fill, drum monitoring or medium-power FOH applications.

For more information, visit: www.l-acoustics.com/site-US/produitsus.htm.

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