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Kaltman issues challenge

Kaltman Creations LLC guarantees that its new IWxCPA antenna will improve reception for wireless microphones and IEM systems, and the power behind the company throne, Mark Kaltman, is backing up the claim with a money back offer.

The IWxCPA (perhaps not the most elegantly named product) relies on a circular polarization technology which, according to KC LLC, produces a "drop-out free" transmitter/receiver combination that never slides out of phase.

“The IWxCPA antenna strengthens one of the weaker links in the RF chain — the transmitter to receiver link,” says Kaltman. “Interestingly, in the pro-audio wireless world there is little consideration given to the profound effect polarization can have on the performance of wireless gear.

"Just like in the audio world, where you always consider the weakest link in the audio chain, the same considerations should be given to your RF signal chain.”

True CP antennas can cost a grand each and are often bulky and fragile; the IWxCPA antennas are sold in a two-antenna package. Each unit has a maximum input power rating of 3w and weighs 2.5lbs. Additional details can be found at