Kaiser Chiefs roll with Focusrite

Group’s live and studio projects alike benefit from classic sound functionality.
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Keyboardist and producer Nick ‘Peanut’ Baines of Kaiser Chiefs uses Focusrite gear both on stage and in the studio.

The band Kaiser Chiefs has come a long way from its first demos just four years ago. Keyboardist and studio maestro Nick “Peanut” Baines reveals that Focusrite gear has been with them from the start. The group’s successful debut album, “Employment,” used the original Focusrite TrakMaster, and Baines currently employs different Focusrite products for live performance and studio recording.

On stage, Baines uses the Compounder to get proper compression going in his rack before the sound gets out to monitors or front of house. He has also brought the Compounder into the studio for use in recording the group’s second album.

Baines also uses LiquidMix, which he uses as a DSP engine on instruments while recording in Logic. He notes that it eliminates the pre-packaged sound inherent in common plug-ins. By taking the low, mid and high frequencies from three different EQ units, a custom EQ system can be built, allowing creation of a classic processor.

Baines reports that the new album is almost complete, with the band slated to hit the road again in 2007.

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