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Israeli satellite operator says yes to Pebble Beach

Yes, one of the largest Israeli satellite TV broadcasters, has chosen Pebble Beach’s Neptune automation system as part of its move to a tapeless workflow. Yes transmits 160 video channels, 50 of which originate from the broadcaster’s headquarters while the remainder operate on a pass-through basis.

The deployment of Neptune represents the first phase of a wider plan to migrate to an end-to-end tapeless workflow. This part of the project will deliver 12 SD channels plus four HD channels divided across two separate Neptune systems, each located at different sites. The main facility will support 10 channels, with another six channels operated from a secondary remote site. Both systems will pull content from a Front Porch DIVA system, which will act as a single archive system with instances mirrored across both sites. Neptune will control Vizrt graphics devices, Omneon video servers and Cavena subtitlers.

A major part of Yes’ project is the development of an enhanced interface to its Pilat IBMS traffic system, which aims to provide synchronization between the data in the automation database and the data in the Pilat traffic database.

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