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IP Audio Company Barix Releases New Product

Automation has streamlined the broadcast process dramatically in recent years, but what happens to your perfectly timed air schedule if a network failure occurs? Barix AG, the Switzerland-based company that specializes in research and development in the field of IP based communication and control technology has just released a new product intended to provide fail safe protection from catastrophic network failures.

The Real-Time Clock accessory plugs into any device that has an RS-232 serial port, and is capable of maintaining frame-accurate time for years, even if left unpowered. “Barix devices are normally network-connected and receive the time through that connection, but what if, after a power outage, the network connection remains down?” asks Johannes G. Rietschel, CEO and founder of Barix AG. “It’s a serious concern if your operation requires time-dependent logging or control. The Barix Real-Time Clock provides that time source to maintain operations.”

The Real-Time Clock, and other devices in the Barix catalogue will be on display at the ISE show taking place in Amsterdam on January 29-31, 2013.