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Internet Broadcasting completes migration of client TV stations to ibPublish 2

Internet Broadcasting has completed the migration of its clients to its new ibPublish 2 Web content management system for local television broadcasters.

TV station sites of IB clients Bonten Media, Hearst Television, Morgan Murphy Media, Post-Newsweek Stations and others have migrated to the new platform.

IB invested more than $10 million and thousands of development hours to create the new platform, a cloud-based, architected system.

IB recently released upgrades to ibPublish 2, including:

  • expanded content embedding, enabling publishers to embed videos, galleries and images in the body of articles using either the Web or Desktop Editor functions;
  • showcase player analytics, tracking video views in Google analytics;
  • a new hurricane section that includes a variety of features, such as interactive, multi-region infrared satellite, visible satellite, and sea surface maps.