Honolulu REHAB selects Crispin for in-house programming

The Rehabilitation Hospital of the Pacific (REHAB), a Honolulu, HI, acute care medical rehabilitation organization, has chosen Crispin to provide support for in-house programming. Crispin’s RapidPlayX playback application will provide program scheduling and control, allowing the organization to broadcast entertainment and healthcare-related content to its guests. Using RecordScheduler, REHAB can manually record events or schedule future program acquisition events.

REHAB uses TurboBrowser, a companion application to RapidPlayX, to quickly search and find any video clip on its Grass Valley Turbo iDDR. Once located, REHAB simply drags and drops clips into the playlist for immediate playout, or into a user-definable on-screen file cabinet. With approximately 100 file cabinet entries per channel, REHAB can instantly insert alternate events to accommodate last-minute schedule changes.

For more information, visit www.crispincorp.com.