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Headset combines S-Logic, DPA mic

The new Ultrasone HFI-700 HSD headset combines the company’s S-Logic technology with the DPA 4088 head-worn directional microphone.

S-Logic technology provides high-quality sound and stereo image, and low distortion, to deliver performance similar to listening to near field monitors. The headphone’s driver positioning lets professionals listen at lower sound pressure levels, significantly reducing fatigue and providing hearing protection.

The microphone portion of the headset uses a DPA miniature head-worn microphone for accurate reproduction. Small in size, the mic can handle the high SPL of an excited play-by-play and color team.

The DPA 4088 (cardioid) or DPA 4066 (omni) microphones are joined to the headphone with an articulating mount and disconnect that allow stable positioning and quick field changes.

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