Grass Valley launches MPEG-4 transrater

Grass Valley has announced the launch of the NetProcessor 9040, a transrater and splicer for HD MPEG-4 content, at IBC2006. The NetProcessor 9040 solution offers broadcasters more operational and cost benefits and greater flexibility in their splicing applications for local content, advertising, logos and ID and emergency messages.

The NetProcessor 9040 is a network adaptor bridging ASI transport streams, legacy ATM circuits and IP delivery over a Gigabit Ethernet topology. Combined with the Grass Valley NetRater DSP processing engine, the NetProcessor 9040 creates a complete solution for delivery of broadcast and IP streaming services.

Built on a common hardware platform, the NetProcessor family is built around a high-performance, ultra-rapid MPEG packet-switch fabric to deliver a high-powered solution tuned to the specific needs of contribution (backhaul) and distribution circuits.

Allowing broadcasters and content distributors to expand their services, the new NetProcessor 9040 adaptor adds seamless splicing into the ASI transport stream, allowing content to be added to a channel regionally or locally.

The NetProcessor 9040 adaptor also allows individual channels within a transport stream to be transrated, and offers full support for SD and HD MPEG-4 channels.

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