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Globalstar ignoring interference concerns to BAS operation

The Society of Broadcast Engineers (SBE) has filed reply comments with the FCC regarding Globalstar’s failure to address objections previously raised by the society regarding its applications for Mobile Satellite Services (MSS) Ancillary Terrestrial Component (ATC) stations.

The comments, filed July 11, contend that Globalstar’s reply ignores interference concerns raised by the society in a previous informal objection. The issue centers on MSS ATC station interference to grandfathered Channel A10 (2483.5-2500MHz) TV Broadcast Auxiliary Service operations. (See: "SBE files informal objection to Globalstar request for authority.")

The society’s recent filing also takes issue with Globalstar’s assertion that no party has opposed its MSS ATC application on its merits. The filing points out that the both the SBE and the Wireless Communications Association International have “provided their respective oppositions” based on the merits of the company’s application.

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