Florical, WideOrbit Traffic operate in BXF harmony

Florical Systems and WideOrbit showed at NAB2008 a real-time interface that provides live log capability between the two companies’ automation and traffic products, AirBoss and WO Traffic. This interface is now a reality through the companies’ mutual implementation of the new SMPTE-2021 standard (BXF).

This secure Web service-based bidirectional live log capability allows AirBoss to send as-run log data to WO Traffic as events air and, conversely, allows WO Traffic to submit changes to a playlist airing in AirBoss.

A key component of live logs is the immediate notification of as-run details to WO Traffic by AirBoss using BXF. When, for example, AirBoss detects a commercial not airing correctly, the Traffic user can immediately create a same-day make-good. The user will schedule the make-good to replace an unaired event in WO Traffic and the update is immediately translated into a corresponding change in the AirBoss playlist. This ability to do same-day make-goods can immediately impact the broadcaster’s bottom line.

In addition, same day events that have not yet aired may be altered in WO Traffic, with the changes immediately reflected in AirBoss. A key example of this is the need to air a different version of a political ad. In this case, the WO Traffic user may change the scheduled house number and AirBoss will air the new version. No manual changes are required in master control and no write-ins applied in reconciliation.

For more information, visit www.florical.com and www.wideorbit.com.