FCC seeks comments related to wider range of disasters

The FCC Enforcement Bureau issued a notice July 26 to remind the public about the comment cycle related to the recommendations of the independent panel that reviewed the impact of Hurricane Katrina on the telecommunications and media infrastructure.

Comments are due at the commission by Aug. 7, and reply comments are due Aug. 21. On June 19, the commission issued a notice of proposed rulemaking regarding implementation of the recommendations.

Last week’s notice also pointed out that the commission is seeking comment on the recommendations not only regarding how they pertain to hurricanes, but also their applicability to “all types of natural disasters,” including earthquakes, tornados, hurricanes and forest fires, as well as other kinds of incidents, such as terrorist attacks, flu pandemics and industrial accidents.

Those choosing to comment should address whether the recommendations are a sufficiently broad account for “the diverse topography of our Nation, the susceptibility of a region to a particular type of disaster, and the multitude of communications capabilities a region may possess.”

The original rulemaking notice sought comment on:

  • pre-positioning the communications industry and the government for disasters in order to achieve greater network reliability and resiliency;
  • improving recovery coordination to address existing shortcomings and to maximize the use of existing resources;
  • improving the operability or interoperability of public safety and 911 communications in times of crisis; and
  • improving communication of emergency information to the public.

For more information, visit: www.fcc.gov.