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FCC begins accepting LPTV, TV translator flash cut applications

The FCC’s Media Bureau announced earlier in the month that LPTV and TV translator station licensees and permit holders can file an application for a minor facilities change to do an on-channel (flash cut) to digital service with their currently authorized analog facilities.

Those wishing to do so must file an electronic application using FCC Form 346. Class A TV stations, which already were granted authority to submit an on-channel digital conversion, must file electronically with FCC Form 301-CA.

At some point in the future, LPTV, TV translator and Class A TV licensees and permit holders will have the chance to submit applications for companion digital channels. Any station with a license, construction permit or pending application for on-channel digital conversion will not be eligible for a companion digital channel for the same station.

Applications for flash cutting must be filed through the bureau’s Consolidated Database System online electronic forms system.

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