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Euphonix System 5-MC streamlines The Studios at Linden Oaks

Originally designed for music production, The Studios at Linden Oaks in Rochester, NY, has grown to become one of the busiest commercial post-production facilities on the East Coast, generating nearly 1000 commercial spots per week for a global client base. On the music side, the studio continues to be a premier recording facility, used by such artists as John Legend, James Taylor and Aretha Franklin.

Linden Oaks houses two studios: Room A, a large composing, tracking and editorial studio, and Room B, a smaller voiceover, editorial room. Because nearly all of Linden Oaks’ work includes original music, the rooms were originally designed to be used separately and to be primarily dedicated to music scoring. In today’s collaborative environment, that approach was no longer efficient.

To increase efficiency in the busy facility, a Euphonix System 5-MC integrated DAW controller was added to each studio. The System 5-MC allows full control over any workstation in the facility, with the ability to switch instantly among Pro Tools, Nuendo and Apple Logic DAWs. Projects now flow effortlessly between rooms, allowing instant changeover between recording and post projects. As a result, the facility can now accept more music projects without disrupting its already-intensive post-production schedule.

The Euphonix System 5-MC integrated DAW controller acts as a powerful and flexible recording, editing and mixing system, featuring the MC media application controller for master console functions and integral control of the DAWs via the EuCon protocol over Ethernet. The consoles also feature System 5 channel strips with eight touch-knobs per channel for EQ, dynamics and plug-in control, with high-resolution screens for metering and other channel information.

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