Euphonix selected for digital transition in Oregon Public Broadcasting

Euphonix has announced the sale of a new Max Air console to Oregon Public Broadcasting (OPB) station KTVR. Located in Portland, OR, OPB has five full-powered TV transmitters and five DTV transmitters around the state.

The new Max Air digital audio mixing system sports 96 channels, 32 faders, plus an eight-fader center section, and will be installed into KTVR's new studio production facility in Portland, replacing the existing analog desk. The station is in the midst of an extensive facility renovation toward becoming a fully digital production facility. Other changes include the addition of high-definition cameras, a high-definition production switcher, new character generators and a new monitor wall, as well as numerous other improvements.

According to director of engineering Don McKay, the Euphonix Air Max was chosen only after an extensive examination of the digital console options and several demonstrations. Because OPB uses a lot of volunteer operators, intuitive operation — especially in executing 5.1 surround mixdowns — was in important consideration in console selection. The console’s Layouts function allows operators to easily bring up preconfigured channel groups, snapshot recall of all settings, PatchNet routing, and a large 17in touch screen for easy command and control.

OPB saw the need to make this upgrade to meet content production needs for the PBS system as well as the broadcaster’s other stations across Oregon. The massive commitment will necessitate a temporary facility closure in August during installation.

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