EUE Screen Gems Studios chooses SSL C100 Console

New York-based EUE Screen Gems Studios has chosen a Solid State Logic C100 digital broadcast console as part of a complete facility renovation project. According to chief engineer Douglas Joseph, the firm wanted something that would provide excellent quality in standard definition, but also 5.1 support for use in HD production.

In making the decision, EUE evaluated a number of consoles, but settled on the C100 due to its flexibility, metering, the graphical feedback in terms of EQ and compression, and the rugged and reliable configuration. Another key factor cited by Joseph was ease of use, as both staff engineers and freelancers will be manning the operator’s chair. The analog look and feel of the C100 met that requirement.

For this first phase of the EUE upgrade build-out, it was critical that the equipment chosen be future proof, yet come in with full capabilities in place within specified budget parameters. The SSL C100 console is the right size for the application, yet expandable, with room for additional faders on the control surface. Expansion is simply a matter of identifying the need, acquiring the hardware, and plugging it in.

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