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ESPN STAR Sports expands with QMC master control

ESPN STAR Sports Multi Suite.

At the core of the recent major expansion at ESPN STAR Sports in Singapore is a new multi-channel master control system from Quartz. The new system includes twelve channels of QMC, each with an internal DVE, fed by upstream Xenon routers.

ESPN STAR Sports is a sports broadcaster that has been growing rapidly in Asia. Two years ago they installed two QMCs in a temporary area to handle demand for additional channels. Based on their experiences with these systems, they returned to Quartz for the larger permanent installation.

A critical part of the new system is the use of dual redundant Xenon routers to feed all the channels and provide a backup path. Not only do the dual routers protect against equipment failure, but also they make it easy to take down one router for maintenance or expansion without disrupting normal operations. A single button push on any channel seamlessly transfers operations to the backup router.

Manual control of the QMC channels is provided by eight control locations, each with a QMC-FS control panel. All the channels can run under automation control by Harris Software Systems and the whole system was installed by TSL from the UK.

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