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Ericsson Granted License for 15 GHz Testing in Plano, Texas

Ericsson has received experimental license WH2XMQ to operate on 15 GHz fixed and mobile in Plano, Texas, “for equipment testing.” In its FCC filing, Ericsson requested much of its application be kept confidential. The Public Redacted Version of Ericsson's “Description of the Experiment and Objectives to be Accomplished” states, “As a step towards the development of future products meeting the increased demands, Ericsson seeks an experimental license to conduct research and trials of new 50 radio access technologies. The trial activities will test and evaluate new radio access technologies including higher carrier frequencies to enable the use of larger bandwidths, reduced latency to provide improved user experience and enable new use cases such as mission critical and machine type communications and advanced antenna system to further improve spectral efficiency. The trials will also include demos of these technologies.”

The experiment will use two experimental 5G base stations and one piece of experimental 5G mobile user equipment. Testing will only be conducted within a 1 km radius of the base stations. Details on ERP and antenna positioning was redacted. The frequency band on the license is 14.7-15.1 GHz. The emission designator is shown as “WXW”. Ericsson requested confidentially for the antenna patterns, channel bandwidth, the full emission designator, and the EIRP.

The authorization expires Jan. 2, 2016.

The Ericsson license was one of those listed in the FCC Office of Engineering and Technology's list of experimental licenses granted during the period from 11/1/2014 to 11/30/2014.