Entravision purchases Harris digital transmitters for 17 stations

The Harris PowerCD uses E2V’s high-efficiency ESCIOT tubes.

Entravision Communications, a Spanish-language media company that owns and operates 48 television stations in the United States, has purchased Harris digital television transmitters for 17 of its stations.

Entravision selected the Harris PowerCD high-power, UHF ATSC transmitters for the majority of the stations, as well as DiamondCD UHF solid-state transmitters for stations requiring a total power output of less than 15kW.

The PowerCD and DiamondCD transmitters provide digital transmission across all power levels and will allow stations to transmit digital terrestrial programming at the maximum power allocated to each station. The PowerCD uses E2V’s high-efficiency ESCIOT tubes, which provide enhanced efficiency due to a multi-stage depressed collector design.

The transmitters will ship in 2006.

For more information, visit www.harris.com.

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