Embracing Internet program delivery, Gray stations deploy Syncbak

Gray Television, the Atlanta-based owner of 41 television stations across the country, said that all its stations will be carried on the Internet using SyncBak’s Internet TV Platform.

The deal brings the total number of stations deploying Syncbak’s technology to about 200.

Syncbak’s Internet TV platform uses location-based authentication technology to enable local television stations to stream their signal to in-market viewers. By partnering with Syncbak, Gray is able to replicate its existing national, local and affiliate partnerships on the Internet and mobile devices.

Gray has been testing Syncbak’s system at four of its stations for the past several months. After an evaluation of those tests, Gray has decided to launch all of its television stations commercially on Syncbak’s platform. Consequently, in the coming weeks, all Gray stations will stream on Syncbak.

Gray serves mainly mid and small-size TV markets. The highest-ranked market Gray serves is Knoxville, TN, the 59th ranked market. One of the stations is affiliated with Fox, six are with ABC, 10 are with NBC, and 17 are affiliated with CBS (making Gray the largest independent owner of CBS affiliates in the country).

Syncbak’s technology is being tested in more than 150 television stations in 98 markets representing all major networks, including CBS, ABC, Fox, NBC and The CW. Strategic investors of Syncbak include CBS, the National Association of Broadcasters and the Consumer Electronics Association.

Interestingly, Syncbak investors include CBS Corp., the National Association of Broadcasters and the Consumer Electronics Association.

One potential option for those using Syncbak technology is to deploy a “TV Everywhere” model similar to what cable, satellite and Telco TV services now provide. Viewers can watch network and Gray TV programming on mobile devices once they “authenticate" themselves as customers of a cable or satellite provider.

The ABC network recently announced it too would deploy an Internet-based delivery service for its network and O&O station programming.

“Across the country, broadcasters are looking for the best way to respond to consumer demand for streaming their content,” Jack Perry, CEO at Syncbak, said. “Syncbak's technology provides the right solution at the right time to make that happen.”