Digital Alert Systems to demo Canadian bilingual EAS system at NAB Show

Digital Alert Systems will conduct a live demo of Canada's National Alert Aggregation and Dissemination (NAAD) System, to highlight bilingual visual and audio presentation of emergency alerts by the DASDEC-II emergency notification platform at the 2013 NAB Show.

The DASDEC emergency messaging platform delivers full support for Canada's unique Common Alerting Protocol messaging profile (CAP-CP).

Operated by Pelmorex Communications, the NAAD system provides Canadian government agencies with tools to issue public safety messages using the CAP-CP. The NAAD system validates, authenticates and aggregates alert messages into a data stream, which it distributes over the Internet and by satellite to ensure coverage across Canada.

The DASDEC-II monitors the NAAD system for alert messages and allows radio and television broadcasters to select emergency event types and the appropriate broadcast language, French or English.

See Digital Alert Systems at 2013 NAB Show booth C2644.