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Crispin develops centralized proxy server

Crispin has added an additional feature to the LoRez server. Multiple LoRez servers can now simultaneously record multiple streams of video and store that material in a common, centralized location.

The low-resolution content encoding server generates low-resolution proxy clips from video assets such as commercials, promos and programs.

In addition to proxy clips, it has the ability to capture and store “slates” from a variety of sources including catch servers. Operators can create a JPEG image of the slate or any frame for each spot dubbed. Authorized users can search for and view proxy clips and slates anywhere on the network via AssetBase, Crispin’s database application. This additional verification tool provides master control operators with another opportunity to verify video assets in the timeline.

Compatible with RapidPrep, Crispin’s frame-accurate segmenting application, operators can prep and segment proxy clips from the desktop without using a video server port. LoRez can simultaneously record any satellite feed with RecordScheduler and schedule and record air-checks for program logging.

It is packaged as a Linux-based encoder server platform and comes with approximately 500 hours of storage capacity. Additional storage is available through near-line RAID. It is supplied with two capture cards, which can be used for simultaneous records. It is compatible with several media players and is viewable in MPEG format at one-quarter size full screen or 320x240.

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