CNBC Europe selects Pebble Beach automation

Production gallery at the CNBC facility in London.

Pebble Beach Systems has installed its multichannel Neptune system at CNBC Europe in London.

This system is playing out the Sci-Fi channel on Sky Digital which went on air last month. CNBC plans to control other channels with the same system.

At CNBC, the Neptune system is controlling a four-port Omneon server; a six-port SeaChange server; a Sony FlexiCart with two VTRs; a Pixel Power Clarity character generator; a Quartz Q32 SDI router; a Grass Valley Venus routing switcher; external VTRs; and a Softel subtitler.

The system comprises fully flexible and configurable clients where multi-tasking of ingest and transmission functions is possible. The system includes four playlists, a full automatic schedule record list utility and a playlist translator, which enables Neptune to interface to the MSA Focus traffic system.

The system also features the Pebble Beach Periscope tool, a timeline viewer, which allows any operator to monitor all playing channels on one screen at a glance.

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