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CBS News tapes re-worked newscast prototype

CBS News is recording and editing prototypes of a re-worked evening newscast, The New York Times reported last week.

The network began exploring new evening newscast architectures at the direction of CBS chairman Leslie Moonves seven months ago in an effort to attract a younger audience.

The newspaper reported that one version of the new newscast begins with a recap of the day’s news from John Roberts that lasts five to seven minutes. The segment features several two-ways between the anchor and reporters. After a commercial break, the newscast continues with a few “60 Minutes”–esque reports and concludes with a word from Roberts. Although Roberts appears in the role of anchor in the prototype, that does not indicate the network has selected him to be the successor to Dan Rather, the paper reported.

CBS News president Andrew Heyward told the paper that the network has chosen no new date to roll out a re-engineered evening newscast at CBS, although introducing viewers to the new format in the fall to coincide with its entertainment programming might be advantageous.

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