Boeing selects Harris for DIRECTV satellite communications antennas

Boeing Satellite Systems has awarded Harris a two-year contract to provide primary spot-beam communications antennas for the next three DIRECTV satellites that will be used in part to deliver the signals of local HD television stations via direct broadcast satellite. Harris will design, develop, build, test, deliver and support the integration of the Ka-band multi-beam antennas for the three DIRECTV satellites.

It also will provide the "East" and "West" communications antenna pallets, which include solid graphite reflectors, feed horns, support structures and deployment systems. The Harris antennas use multi-beam technology and extensive frequency reuse to enhance each DIRECTV satellite's capacity.

The antennas will enable DIRECTV to provide substantial new services, including hundreds of local and national HDTV channels, and downlink the new expanded services to DIRECTV customers across the continental United States, Hawaii and Alaska.

Awarded to Boeing in 2004, the contract to provide the three newest DIRECTV satellites is indicative of the nation's long-awaited transition to HDTV. The satellites, slated for launch in 2007, will provide new program offerings and increased broadcast capacity by offering more than 1000 additional local HDTV channels, more than 150 national HDTV channels and other new program offerings.

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