Blue Bombers kick off with DNF Controls' slow-motion controller

Canad Inns Stadium, Winnipeg, Manitoba, home of the Canadian Football League's (CFL) Winnipeg Blue Bombers, is using the DNF Controls’ ST300-DSR1K-T Slow-Motion Controller for instant replays and slow-motion playback capability. The slow-motion controller, part of a half-million dollar upgrade to the stadium, controls two Sony DSR-DR1000 digital hard-disk recorders used during the production of Blue Bombers' home games.

In addition to two existing cameras, two new Sony DXC-D50 cameras — each equipped with a 50x lens — cover the action on the turf, recording footage onto two DSR-DR1000 hard-disk recorders. DNF's ST300-DSR1K-T controller allows operators to locate footage, mark cue points and replay the video instantly, broadcasting highlights to fans via the stadium's Sony JumboTron. Also included in the Blue Bombers' upgraded production system is a Ross Synergy video production switcher.

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