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Author warns against overreaching in BAS equipment replacement

An article in last month’s edition of The SBE Signal advises broadcasters to refrain from making unreasonable demands as they prepare their replacement inventories for Sprint Nextel as part of the 2GHz broadcast auxiliary service relocation.

In “Don’t kill the golden goose,” SBE general counsel Chris Imlay asserts that negotiations in some markets between broadcasters and Sprint Nextel are taking longer than they should.

According to Imlay, some broadcasters argue that “replacement boards, or tripods or other types of ENG equipment” should be the responsibility of the telecommunications company. Other broadcasters are pushing to include “other types of hardware unrelated” to the frequency relocation in their inventories.

Imlay reminds broadcasters that before Sprint Nextel initiated its plan, the FCC was looking to broadcasters to fund the 2GHz transition.

That funding would have to be done in two parts. The commission initially was going to require a market-by-market transition and only stations in the top 30 markets would get any reimbursement for transition expenses.

Imlay advises broadcasters to remember this situation if they are considering seeking relocation reimbursement for anything other than what’s related to relocation.

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