Auralex Acoustics keeps sound fluid at Liquid Music

Auralex Acoustics products are being used to smooth out the sound at Liquid Music Studio in Nashville, TN. A personal and commercial facility, founded in 2006 by Brett Clark, Liquid Music Studio specializes in audio and post-production projects. Several Auralex products have been installed into the space, which includes a control room and a tracking room. Auralex’s SheetBlok sound isolation barrier was used throughout the construction of the space, its pArtScience Screen6 hangs from the ceiling above the mixing station and the company’s complete SonoSuede System is used as the surface treatment.

Clark’s professional credits run the gamut, from live tracks for recording artists such as Rascal Flatts, Keith Urban, Joe Nichols and Paul Brandt; to post audio for two 30-minute specials aired on CMT Canada, as well as several commercial spots for Ford Canada. He has also worked on mixing/editing projects for ForJam productions, BMG/Sony and Paul Brandt.

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