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Array Wireless assists filmmaker with aerial stunt shots

Array Wireless’ enabling amplifier technology was used to support the filming of aerial stunt sequences for the upcoming movie “Escape Plan.”

Paired with a low-latency HD camera and microwave transmitter, Array Wireless’ linear power amplifier was used by RF Film to deliver real-time imagery of aerial stunt sequences to the film’s production team.

The power amplifier enabled the transmission of HD video at distances farther than previously available, giving the director greater freedom to pursue more exciting footage. RF Film uses a helicopter equipped with a nose-mounted turret, which houses the transmission and film equipment.

The filming helicopter trailed a stunt helicopter to capture near-in, high-action shots as both helicopters are in free flight.

Array Wireless’ linearization technology minimizes waveform distortion and improves multipath performance providing superior signal quality for complex multi-carrier modulation schemes,while minimizing DC power consumption, heat and weight. The company’s product line incorporates GaN HEMT semiconductor technology from Cree. This combination of Array and Cree technology results in smaller and more efficient product packages that are well suited for the wireless HD camera systems used for film production.