Zingo TV OTT Service Says It’s Faster Than Cable, Satellite

(Image credit: Zingo TV)

ATLANTA—The Zingo TV platform says that thanks in part to a new partnership with Streaming Global, the OTT service will be able deliver live streams at sub-second latency, 30-60x faster than the industry average.

Zingo TV, which also recently acquired the rights to For the Fans/Eleven Sports U.S., sought to boost its infrastructure for an improved viewing experience, and will be implementing Streaming Global technology into its streaming pipeline to be able to deliver these low-delay streams.

Streaming Global says that its technology delivers streams directly to cloud storage servers. By doing this it eliminates “unnecessary” parts of the conventional pipeline.

According to Zingo, live sports are about 75 seconds behind the action. It estimates that this new technology will reduce that time.

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“We’re thrilled to bring Streaming Global technology as our delivery partner,” said John Estiva, Zingo TV co-founder. “With them, we’ll be able to provide our viewers with an even better experience and continue to focus on content.”

For more information, visit www.zingotv.com.