YuMe: Vertical Video Is on the Rise

REDWOOD CITY, CALIF.—Vertical video is on the up and up both as a content and advertising format according to a new report from YuMe. Providing what is described as a natural experience within mobile and app content, vertical videos are designed for upright, portrait mode viewing.

The format drew some instant reactions from those surveyed, as 78 percent of first-time viewers said they liked the content format overall, while 79 percent say that the format is more engaging and would choose vertical viewing in most cases. In addition, 65 percent said brands that use vertical video appear more innovative.

Additional findings from the report indicate the both first-time (84 percent) and experienced (85 percent) of vertical video viewers find the format a better fit for social media and appreciate when it is available as an option. In terms of advertising, 70 percent of respondents believe vertical ads blend in better on mobile websites and 69 percent say they are less intrusive; 71 percent would like to see vertical video in more branded content, rather than product-focused advertising.

“Interest in vertical video is evidence of a broader trend toward immersive ad experiences that deliver higher brand ROI and engagement,” said Mike O’Donnell, senior vice president of North American Sales for YuMe.

For more information, view YuMe’s full report here.