YooMedia turns to Visual Europe for MPEG ASI conditioning

Independent interactive entertainment group YooMedia has installed Transflow units from Visual Europe in its main London office.

The compact 1RU boxes are being used to stabilize ASI streams being fed into the UK DTT network. Main and reserve units provide redundancy and allow YooMedia to remove any unwanted packets from their output.

Very low data rates on some services being provided to the DTT muxes had led to problems in the integrity of the ASI data. The Transflow unit allows YooMedia to pre-condition the signals being fed into the multiplexer prior to transmission over a 10MB/s IP link.

Signals from YooMedia’s in-house iTV data carousel are pre-conditioned though Transflow, leading to efficiencies in signal transmission, improved quality of services and less continuity count and other errors introduced by alternative capping methods.

For more information, visit: www.visualeurope.com.