Yamaha offers Digital Sound Reinforcement 101 course

Beginning in January 2009, Yamaha Commercial Audio Training Seminars will offer Digital Sound Reinforcement 101 (DSR101) as part of the course selection offered throughout the year both regionally and at the company’s Buena Park, CA, headquarters. The two-day class, which was first offered about two years ago, will provide complete audio system design and networking solutions, making it an ideal tool for audio engineers, system designers and technicians.

Co-sponsored in part by microphone maker Shure, the seminar will focus on setup techniques ranging from microphones to large-scale speakers. Topics include: gain construction, attenuator settings, SPL estimation and spec analysis. Course components include fundamental concepts: dBSPL, dBu, dBV, calculations and level management; cables for various signal formats and word clock distribution; microphone techniques: microphone characteristics, how to select a microphone and digital technology; wireless technology, how to maximize the benefits of wireless systems and managing frequencies; digital vs. analog systems; speakers and processors and designing output systems; and level management for system protection. Use of Yamaha, NEXIO and Shure products will also be covered.

For more information, visit www.yamaha.com/ycats/schedule_0809.asp.