XDCAM HD is “The One” for new reality show

Reality TV show producer Endemol USA is using Sony’s XDCAM HD Professional Disc system as the originating format for “The One: Making a Music Star,” a 10-week summer series on ABC that began July 18.

Endemol USA’s first experience with the Sony optical workflow was with the SD version of the XDCAM system on “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.” With the new show, “The One,” the availability of a high-definition version allowed Endemol to realize the same production efficiencies, while also responding to network demands for more HD programming.

The models that the production company is using for “The One” include the PDW-F350 HD camcorders, which are capturing in progressive scan mode at 35Mb/s, and PDW-F70 decks.

Producing “The One” is an intensive around-the-clock experience with a fleet of XDCAM HD camcorders tracking the lives of contestants as they attend a music academy.

Each week, contestants perform live with audience members voting to keep their favorites in the competition. The winner will receive a recording contract with a major record company.

The show’s concept centers on capturing the contestants’ behind-the-scenes experiences as they prepare for their performances. For viewers, the twice-weekly broadcasts combines live music punctuated with pre-produced packages to provide a rare view into the real-life dramas lived by these aspiring artists.

As part of the pre-production preparation, Burbank, CA-based equipment rental and sales company Wexler Video worked closely with the production staff to develop a signature look for the show by helping in the selection process of which camcorder imaging options to use. For example, setup files, once chosen, are easily stored and replicated to match the cameras and to ensure uniformity through the shoot.

Key to the show’s production is use of the camcorder’s wireless capabilities. During the recording process, the camcorder automatically generates a time-code accurate 2Mb/s MPEG-4 proxy that is captured to the Sony Professional Disc optical media.

The high-resolution proxy material is transmitted via wireless microwave links and used as a reference for making edit decision lists. Edits are carried out without the need to ingest the high-resolution video.

For more information, visit: www.sony.com/news.