Xceive Technology Expands PIP Options

Imagine a picture-in-picture (PIP) display that with one additional tuner can provide anywhere from four to 12 pictures surrounding the main picture. Xceive says its ChannelVista technology will allow manufacturers to provide that capability.

The technology works with Xceive silicon tuner ICs and eliminates the need for a tuner for each PIP channel. It allows the user to choose the number of pictures to run simultaneously based on the refresh rate desired.

Xceive said its tuners are the "world's fastest channel-locking TV tuners available today" and its "Quicktune" technology allows switching 10 times faster than traditional can tuners, allowing near real-time view of up to 12 channels simultaneously. The Xceive XC2028/L and XC3028/L tuner Ics' fast phase-locked loop, programmable filters, on board analog demodulator and comprehensive firmware were optimized for fast channel scanning.

Obviously, given the time it tasks to lock to a DTV signal and decode the MPEG video, I'd be very surprised if the ChannelVista and Quicktune technology works with digital cable and digital TV broadcasts.