WXOW Automates With VCI's autoXe

WXOW, an ABC affiliate owned by Quincy Newspapers, has implemented the VCI Automation autoXe system into its LaCrosse, Wis., station.

WXOW recently transitioned to the autoXe automation system over the course of six days without any disruptions to its live streams. autoXe operates as a service-oriented architecture with its underlying Xe platform. autoXe provides a system that can link other external systems together to share data and help to streamline workflow.

The station also added autoXe applications, including Content Manager to enhance workflow.

"autoXe offers more functionality and is easy to use, handling multiple channels seamlessly," said Jarrett Liddicoat, chief engineer at WXOW. "The features of the autoXe system offer complete organization. Content Manager alone cleaned up the inventory and storage and filed it accordingly, allowing us to run a more efficient operation. We are very ecstatic about the system and the benefits it has afforded us."