WTVR Upgrades with Pro-Bel

Richmond, Va. CBS affiliate WTVR-TV has installed Pro-Bel routers as part of a major facility upgrade.

WTVR, Channel 6, began its upgrade by installing a Pro-Bel Sirius 128 x 128 video router and a Freeway 128 x 128 audio router, which offers both analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog conversion within the router. WTVR also installed the Procion workflow toolset, which provides remote, PC-based router control as well as the ability to manage a wide range of technologies in the broadcast chain, which can also be operated via a web browser.

"By purchasing the Pro-Bel technology we are able to operate more efficiently," said Don Cox, director of engineering and operations at WTVR. "We can do things we couldn't do before, for example taking an analog source and going digital or taking a digital source and going analog. We can also route signals to places we weren't able to before, giving us far greater operational efficiency."

Pro-Bel is a Reading, U.K.-based manufacturer and supplier of routing switchers, signal processing, master control and automation technologies, with U.S. offices in Melville, NY.