WRAL-TV Picks Xytech MediaPulse for Station Management

LOS ANGELES—WRAL-TV will be using Xytech’s MediaPulse platform to get its ducks in a row from now on. The MediaPulse system will be utilized to manage the station’s production and news activities, including scheduling of stations personnel, equipment and trucks, as well as the scheduling of the master control for the station.

MediaPulse enables users to track resources and costs in real time. Its MediaPulse Sky feature enables browser interface at any time, and the MediaPulse iOS app facilitates time entry and schedule access via mobile devices.

According to Pete Sockett, WRAL director of engineering and operations: “WRAL Raleigh, alongside two sister stations in the Capitol Broadcasting family, is now capable of racking daily assignments of newsroom personnel, trucks and equipment for story coverage with MediaPulse. We are planning on better management and tracking of resources with reduced resource conflicts, improved maintenance scheduling, enhanced staff communications and, in the end, an overall ability to better analyze how the station can operate most efficiently, productively and profitably.”