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World University Games is First 'Docu-Sports' Production

SportsHD Production plans to start the United States' first sports-based HD production company and will specialize in "docu-sports" projects that take the viewer inside the game to help capture the physical and emotional ups and downs of athletic competition. The company's first production will be the Summer World University Games--reportedly the largest international athletic competition after the Olympics--being held now through Aug. 21.

SportsHD chose not to produce live sporting events in order to avoid direct competition with the major networks, according to the company and instead will focus on developing its docu-sports features, which it believes will be enhanced by the enhanced video details that HD can allow.

SportsHD has acquired the rights to several events and properties, and plans to acquire many others. Production teams are currently working at the games in Izmir, Turkey. It will develop behind-the-scenes HD programming from several Basketball Travelers' foreign tours, as top Division I NCAA college basketball programs travel overseas to Central and Southern Europe, Australia/South Pacific and the Bahamas.