Wohler develops solutions for managing captions and ancillary data

Wohler Technologies now offers a range of ancillary data and captioning/subtitling tools, called the HDCC Series, that support a variety of industry standards, including WST/OP-47 and CEA-608/CEA-708.

The new series of HDCC cards provides the ability to create captions that can be used in both SD and HD broadcast and production applications.

Within its HDCC OP-47 product range, Wohler has launched the new HDCC-OP47MULTI card, a subtitling solution for WST and OP-47 subtitling formats. The OP47MULTI provides support for two independent channels on a single card. For CEA-608 and CEA-708 closed-captioning formats, Wohler has released the HDCC-708MULTI, which also supports dual independent channels. Both cards offer complete subtitling/captioning capabilities, including encode, bridge, transcode, decode, monitor and GPI encode/decode.

Wohler is also announcing its new Analysis Range of dual-channel decoding and monitoring solutions, including the HDCC-OP47MON and HDCC-708MON, for analysis and monitoring of captions/subtitles in the WST/OP-47 or CEA-608/CEA-708 formats, respectively. Each card provides powerful software and hardware capabilities for analysis of captions/subtitles and associated data with external logging and monitoring, together with onboard OSD monitoring. The cards enable independent dual-channel operation for either SD or HD with automatic format detection, and support dual raw or CDP data extraction through Ethernet or serial ports. The cards also provide two OSD-decoded caption/subtitle outputs that retain the original video formats, with dual bypass-relay protected pass-through video outputs.

In Wohler’s Transmit Range, the HDCC-OP47TX and HDCC-708TX dual independent channels captioning/subtitling encoders provide support for WST/OP-47 or CEA-608/CEA-708 standards, respectively. Each card provides powerful caption/subtitle encoding capabilities, including encode, bridge and transcode. Also, the new HDCC-GPITX is a dual-channel SD/HD GPI transmitter/receiver that enables synchronous encoding and decoding in either VBI (SD) or VANC (HD) for up to four GPI cues per channel.

Another new member in the Wohler HDCC Series is the HDCC-V608 closed-caption transcoder, a dual-channel transcoder solution that converts CEA-608 ("Line 21") data to and from VANC608 data according to SMPTE334 specifications. The card also supports direct encoding and decoding in the CEA-608 or VANC608 formats.

In related news, the company has consolidated its PANORAMA/dtv/ and Rockridge video monitoring product lines under the Wohler brand. Effective immediately, all products in the two categories will be offered as Wohler-branded products and will carry the same model numbers as before.

Wohler's line of video monitors provides single or multichannel analysis, including support for 3G/HD/SD-SDI signals. The company said it would continue expanding its range of video monitoring solutions and will continue to introduce new features and capabilities that today's changing broadcast infrastructures require.