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WMHT-TV is now first working PBS ACE station

WMHT-TV in New York, is the first of six public stations scheduled to launch with BroadView business software this year.

On Monday, Sept. 26, WMHT-TV, the New York State Capital Region’s public television station, became the first PBS member station to go live with the automated ACE content production and distribution system. Nearly two years in the making, the new station operations are leveraging integrated systems that work seamlessly together, as defined by the ACE specifications.

ACE is an IT-based broadcast model designed to streamline operations and be easily replicated at a number of participating PBS member stations by automating repetitive tasks and time-consuming manual processes. PBS Technology & Operations and a consortium of vendors including BroadView Software, Accenture, Ascent Media, Intel, MassTech, Microsoft, Miranda Technologies, Omneon Video Networks, OmniBus Systems and SES AMERICOM designed the ACE system.

Among the new computer-based technology and systems in use, WMHT is using traffic and programming software from BroadView Software. It’s the first of six public stations scheduled to launch with BroadView technology by the end of this year. BroadView Software supports five channels at WMHT, including a high-definition channel, by providing locally hosted traffic, scheduling and underwriting capabilities. The software gives WMHT a simple interface for viewing schedules for video feeds sent from PBS headquarters in Alexandria, VA.

Once programs on the schedule are selected for local airing, they instantly appear on the local broadcast schedule along with associated metadata including episode title and duration.

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